Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Camp Chowenwaw

We love the old girl scout camp down the road.  They have trails and a playground and a tether ball pole...and a POOL! They had an open house last weekend so Gigi and Poppa took the boys while I worked and Mike worked on his school work. 

Dylan wasn't clear on the rules and did not pass the swim test for a green necklace, but I'm so proud of him that he let it go and enjoyed the day with the yellow necklace.  We were able to go to our regular Y pool and he earned a green one the next weekend :) 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Important Discovery

The big news is...from the big's school parent pick up line to the beach only takes about 40 minutes! I have learned after a couple of trial runs that I can pick them up, get in a couple of hours on the beach, eat a picnic dinner, get home for baths, and still have the kids in bed fairly close to their ususal bedtime.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mother's Day Tea

The big boys had the most precious mother's day programs at school for me this year.  I attended tea with Dylan the Friday before Mother's Day.  He came outside to greet me with flowers made of his hand prints.  He escorted me inside and pulled out my chair for me (then told me to "plant it" haha)  before taking his seat with the class to sing a song and recite a poem.  He served me cake then after all the Mom's had been served he sat down to enjoy a piece with me.  He was very accommodating ...he even went back to get me a napkin and made another trip to take my trash.  We watched a precious slide show the teacher put together of pictures from the school year (and all the Mama's cried).  To lighten the mood all the mothers read from a cook book the kids had put together for us.  They each dictated a favorite recipe to the teacher and they were hilarious! The kids lavished us with gifts and it was a wonderful time with my oldest "baby".  We had a few minutes together afterwards so we walked to Dunkin for a coffee and an icee and a few selfies...

Monday morning I had brunch in Tyler's class.  We started off the same way, with tears in my eyes as the most handsome little boy in the whole class came to escort me in with hand print flowers and a huge grin.  He took my order on the official order form, insisting that I try the lemon poppy seed muffin along with my brunch (I don't even like lemons, but I must say it was a good choice).  When it was time he served me my brunch and sat with me, refusing to try even a taste of anything, while I ate.  He had made so many precious gifts for me, and we enjoyed looking at them in the specific order he commanded.  The class sang several songs, and some kids in the class read a poem or a favorite thing about their mother.  The kids had each drawn a picture of their mother and we had to guess which was ours...with Tyler's "hints" I was able to guess mine on the first try!  I loved having this time with Tyler in his environment to focus on him and our relationship.  I will truly treasure the memories of both of these programs, especially because of the very rare individual time spent with my guys.  

My boys have always been quirky in regards to what I wear to their school.  If it is field trip day they expect me to be in my school shirt.  If it is Mother's Day they expect me to be in a dress.  I put some extra effort into getting ready each of these days and it paid off when my guys told me how pretty I looked :) 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Field Day

I feel like as Dylan (blue) and Tyler (red) have gotten older they look less and less alike...but maybe I don't have the same perspective as the rest of the world.  After field day another mom stopped me to tell me how much alike she found them to  be.  She actually asked the teacher if Tyler had already been to the sack race when he came through despite the different clothes.  When she found out he is a twin she was totally  intrigued by them. She said she couldn't believe how much alike they were and that they even hopped in a sack exactly the same way. This twin-ship is a part of life for us, but sometimes it takes an outsider's perspective to remind me what a special, unique, blessing it really is.